DC Brushless Starter Generator

DC Brushless Starter Generator

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SAI is in development testing on a DC brushless starter generator as an engine-driven source of DC power rated at 28-30 volts with a continuous load of 150-400 Amps over a speed range of 6,900 – 12,000 RPM.

The SAI brushless starter generator is a rugged design construction with improved durability and reliability over traditional brush starter generators.  Reliability is improved through the elimination of brushes and the mechanical commutator as life limiting elements which improves the TBO.

Advantages of the brushless starter generator include increased efficiency and reliability, reduced noise, longer life as there is no brush erosion, elimination of sparks from the commutator, and a smaller more compact unit that offers more power and overall reduction of electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Generator Control Units (GCU)

Generator Control UnitsAnalog and Digital Generator Control Units (GCU) are available to pair with the SAI starter generators.  SAI GCUs provide voltage regulation, generator paralleling, control and protective functions. They are manufactured and tested in our facility in Camarillo, CA, with complete repair options to lower operators’ total cost of ownership.


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