Skurka Aerospace has a broad customer base that we have built up over the last 60 years.  Skurka has traditionally done business with the Tier 1 system level suppliers for our motor and transducer business. 

This includes customers like Parker Aerospace, Eaton, Hamilton Sundstrand, and others that utilize our product as part of their system that is delivered to the Aircraft or Vehicle manufacturer. 

With the acquisition of Aircraft Parts Corporation (APC), we now work directly with many of the OEM’s like Cessna, Bombardier, Agusta Westland and others that procure our starter generators direct.  This has provided us with a very diverse customer base spread around the world with exposure to many different levels of requirements. 

We treat each customer relationship as a true partnership where we are able to offer our unique engineering expertise in order to provide the best value product that our customers and the end users can be proud of.   This is just a sample of our customer base:
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