SAI Capabilities

Excellence in Design, Development, and Manufacturing
Skurka Aerospace Capabilities

Skurka Aerospace Inc is recognized for quality workmanship and excellence in design, development and manufacture of highly reliable, lightweight, high performance motors with designed gearboxes, clutches, brakes, fans, blowers, and speed transducers for commercial aerospace and military applications.

SAI has expanded our capabilities to include starter generators through the acquisition of Aircraft Parts Corporation.  This integration into our facility was completed in 2009 and is an ideal complement to our electric motor business.  

SAI has provided quality motors and starter generators servicing many applications including aircraft main engines and APU’s, power drive units, actuation devices, fuel and hydraulic pump drives, fire control systems, and cryogenics for over 60 years.  

Our products can be found on commercial transport, regional jets, business jets and helicopters, as well as military fighter aircraft, helicopters and ground vehicles.  In addition, we support a variety of land and ship based radars and missiles in support of our country.

Our complete engineering capability allows us to understand and to custom design equipment to meet your specific needs. Long established enterprise in handling custom designs leads us to explore creative design concepts while balancing new approaches with traditional designs. We are proud of our products and workmanship in the commercial aerospace industry and defense of our country for land, air, sea, and space.

Manufacturing methods, facilities and personnel are geared to the development and production of custom equipment with high reliability and performance. SAI has placed strong emphasis on new product development. We have taken a proactive approach to our customers' needs and strive to provide world-class design products.