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We are proud of our products and the workmanship we put into them in service of the commercial aerospace industry and defense industry.

Skurka Aerospace Inc. (SAI) is recognized for quality workmanship and excellence in design, development and manufacturing.

Skurka Aerospace Inc. (SAI) is headquartered in California, USA and proudly supports customers worldwide. Our products can be found on most major aircraft flying today, including commercial transport jets, regional jets, business jets, and helicopters.

SAI has fulfilled the military’s motor requirements since the inception of the company in 1950 to support military fighter aircraft and helicopters. In addition, SAI has been a major contributor to the success of military ground vehicles such as the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

Our motor products are utilized on a variety of land and ship-based radar and missile defense systems, critical to the defense of our nation. Missiles such as the Patriot Guided Missile and Chain/Gatling gun systems such as Bushmaster are all installed with SAI electric motors.

Daily flights of UAV systems like the General Atomics Predator are made possible by SAI Starter Generators.

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SAI products are proudly found on most major commercial aircraft, military aircrafts, ground vehicles and missiles.

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Our Customer Partnerships

We treat each customer relationship as a true partnership; offering over 60 years of experience in innovation and service.

Skurka Aerospace Inc. has a broad customer base that we have built up over the last 60 years.

SAI supplies to both Tier 1 system level suppliers, traditionally with our motor and transducer products, as well as aircraft OEMs with our starter generator products. We treat each customer relationship as a true partnership where we can offer our unique engineering expertise in order to provide the best value solution that our customers and end users can be proud of.
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FAA Repair Station
Air Agency Certificate

Skurka Aerospace Inc. complies in all respects with the requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations relating to the establishment of the Air Agency and is empowered to operate an approved Repair Station indefinitely.

Management System

This is to certify that the management system of Skurka Aerospace Inc. has been found to conform to the Management System standards ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D and has been audited in accordance with the requirement of AS9104/1:2012.

Approval Certificate

The European Aviation Safety Agency hereby certifies Skurka Aerospace Inc. as a Part-145 maintenance organization approved to maintain the products listed in the FAA Air Agency Certificate and associated Operations Specification within required conditions.
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